Amalgamating the devoutness of nineteenth century music journalism and technological advances that enrich online experience, Parter is a digital magazine established in 2020.

A leading magazine in the field, Parter features articles on a wide range of topics in Western music, art history and criticism. The journal welcomes interdisciplinary articles revealing intersections with topics in other fields such as fine arts, education, interviews and other advance topics.

Parter is renowned for its content, the most comprehensive and thought-provoking in any music and art journal published in Turkey.

Mission Statement

Our magazine appeals to the devoted amateur looking to learn about Western music, as well as to professionals and academics desiring to benefit from advance topics covered.

In addition to the monthly published online magazine, parterdergi.com has become a daily digital destination for news and cultural coverage by writers and contributors. Parter stands apart for its commitment to truth and accuracy, and for the quality of its prose

Vision Statement

Achieve international acclaim and recognition while retaining local leadership in the field.